Historic Romance at Cafe Julia

Henry and Desiree decided to have their Hawaiian wedding in the gorgeous Cafe Julia wedding venue. This venue is set in the middle of the city and has some unique characteristics. Like any venue - there are pros and cons you should weigh out to decide if this is the perfect spot for your day. Take a look at some of the pros and cons. 



-close to waikiki / downtown

-Unique architecture

-Tables, chiavari chairs, linen, 2 pedestals included with no added fees 

staff is amazing and set up is free for tables, chairs, chandeliers, bistro lighting strung overhead, etc

-Across the street from the famous Iolani palace which is fun for out of towners to see as the come in

- in house catering, rentals and bar make half of your to-do list non existent!



-City noises  (sirens and ambulance noises every once ina a while or the norm)

-city lights 

-not completely private (YWCA is/ Ca open - people can swim in pool during business hours at any point)

-parking is difficult - there are parking grages around and some parking stalls in front but not many

-No bridal suite / just a restroom with stalls .

We do have a special place in our hearts for this great venue though so if you don’t need a beach-front wedding and you are ok with a little background noise here and there  - Cafe Julia is a great option! 

Sarah Del Castillo