To Be or Not To Be: Hair and Makeup Trial

hair and makeup trial.jpeg

You decided to do a hair and makeup trial (good job-we highly recommend!!!!).

Who doesn’t love a little glam on their wedding day? Hair and makeup is such an understated piece of your day but in essence - this will be how you’re captured and your grandkids are going to see these photos in 30 years need to look Ah.May.Zing. Here we’ll talk about Do’s and Don’t’s for your hair and makeup trial. A few things to keep in mind:


  1. Find a look that works with your own personal style. Stepping outside of the box is great but make sure it’s not so over-the-top you’re going to regret it later (Facebook memories exist to haunt us all!).

  2. Work with the elements. Will the event be indoors or outdoors? Hair blowing in your face for a beach wedding isn’t ideal. Make sure you pay attention to the different elements in your wedding to help guide your hair and makeup options.

  3. Bring anything you’ll be wearing in your hair or on your head to the trial. If you’re wearing flowers, veil, tiara, etc - make sure it comes with you. The worst thing is to have a style that doesn’t work with the piece you spent your precious coins on.

  4. Bring Inspiration: It;s fine if you know exactly what you want but most stylists are visual. They need to see what it is you’re trying to accomplish so make sure to bring 2-3 styles that encompass exactly what you’re going for.


  1. Freak. Out! You’re doing the trial to make sure everything is perfect- don’t freak out if it’s not. Just make sure to be honest with your stylist about what it is you like/don’t like and be specific as possible.

  2. Stay Quiet. if you don’t like something, speak up! That’s exactly what your trial is for. We’re going for perfection. Your grandkids are going to see these pictures so be vocal if there’s something that needs to change. ****Sidenote: If i’s really hard for you to voice your concerns bring a vocal family member, wedding planner or friend to help. The worst thing is to hate your trial hair and makeup trial and wait until the day-of to make adjustments.

3.              Let friends and family overwhelm you with opinions. If you like something or don’t like something - go with your instinct. Everyone’s going to have an opinion but you have to feel your best so don’t let them bog you down too much. 

Sarah Del Castillo