5 must-haves to make life easier on your wedding day


As your wedding day nears the anxiousness seems to rise. This is completely normal and the only real cure is being prepared for anything! Here are some helpful things you should have on hand to help make your wedding day go off without a hitch.

1. Bridal Buddy

Ladies - this thing is a life-saver. Coming from a wedding planner who’s seen her fair share of ummm...bathroom mishaps. This thing is a god-send for brides all over the globe. What would usually take 2-5 people to handle - this thing does by itself. No more wrestling tulle for 20 munutes when you only have 2 at best. Get yourself one of these. You (and your squad) will be glad that you did. 

2. Emergency Kit

You. Need. An. Emergency Kit. This is a non-negotiable. The smallest of things can derail your whole day so make sure you have one close by. 

3. Hangover cure before the hangover! 

I mean, must I say anything more about this? I think not…

4. Bug Deterrent wipes - not spray 

If you’re having an outdoor wedding - these wipes are a must. Sprays are a little less appealing but wipes can be passed out or used by individuals discreetly and it’s just a way better experience for people if their not  being devoured by mosquitoes as you gracefully dance your first dance. 

5. Tide-to-go pen or Shout wipes

There must be a little fairy dust  in these pins because they are like magic! We’ve seen them take out wine stains, lipstick, whiskey...you name it. It’s definitely worth it’s weight in gold when you need it. 

Sarah Del Castillo